ManoCap - Investing for Growth

ManoCap is a private equity fund manager that makes equity investments in small to mid-cap enterprises in West Africa.

Our aim is to deliver outstanding returns to our investors while creating wealth and employment in the countries in which we work. We’re not an NGO. All things being equal, we will always prioritize a 70% IRR over a 20% IRR. Underlying the creation of our business is the belief that meeting development goals is impossible without investing in profitable businesses.

We believe that:

Opportunities for profitable investment exist in post conflict and emerging African economies.
A strong local presence is required to identify and manage investments in these economies.
There is a financing gap for long-term risk capital.
Meeting development goals is impossible without investing in profitable businesses.

An investment from ManoCap is a partnership between us and the entrepreneur. We invest in teams that have the vision and the energy to build profitable and sustainable businesses and we provide technical and managerial support to ensure their long-term success.

To facilitate this partnership our management team is based full time in West Africa

Funds Under Management

We currently manage two funds: the Sierra Investment Fund (SIF) and the ManoCap Soros Fund. SIF is a multi sector fund (excluding mining) that focuses on investing in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana. The ManoCap Soros Fund invests in agribusiness and related services in Sierra Leone.

Map of Africa. Sierra Leone is located on the North West coast of Africa between Guinea and Liberia.

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